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At New Earth Recovery, one of our core values is building bridges between divergent worlds. We seek to connect those from marginalized contexts with those in the mainstream by promoting dialogue, consulting with congregations about how to make churches safe for those struggling with addiction, and equipping ministries and agencies to better walk alongside those in recovery.


New Earth Recovery offers recovery seminars to inform, promote healing, raise awareness about how addiction works and its impact on individuals, families, and communities, and reawaken hope. Ask us how your group can host one of our seminars!


Hosted by your church or agency!

​$30 per person, $50 per couple

Are you tired of seeing people you love fall back into destructive behavior over and over again? Are you hungry for the kind of healing that leads to lasting change?


Join us for Recovery for Everyone, a Saturday seminar about how addiction works, how to walk alongside those who are struggling, and pathways to get free.


The Recovery for Everyone day seminar will explore the roots of addictive patterns that keep others—and ourselves—trapped in cycles of bondage. Come tackle those mystifying coping mechanisms that promise relief but keep us stuck: alcohol, substances, workaholism, food, worry, codependency, sex, shopping, technology, and other self-comforts. Come to better understand yourself and the ones you love, and come to allow God to encounter you.

Click the button to contact us if you'd like to learn more, register, or host a Recovery for Everyone seminar of your own.

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