​​Join us at scenic Port Susan Bay for the Genesis counselor training, where we'll explore the roots of  destructive patterns that keep others—and ourselves—trapped in cycles of bondage: workaholism, food, anxiety, codependency, sex, shopping, alcohol, porn, substances, and other self-comforts.

Download a .pdf of the full training brochure HERE.

Register and pay for the course by clicking HERE.

We'll tackle questions like: How do compulsions function in the brain? Why is it so hard to get free, despite our promises and resolve? How do false beliefs contribute to our stuck behaviors? How do destructive patterns get started? What's the role of trusting relationships in healing? How can we get free? And how can we best help those who are struggling?

The Genesis counselor training is designed for lay persons, pastors, or agency/ministry workers who want to take individuals through the one-on-one Genesis process. It is also open to those who want to explore their own addictions or stuck places; family members or friends who want to gain a greater understanding of why their loved ones are struggling; and anyone who wants to better understand how addiction works.

This course runs Monday-Thursday (8:30-5:30). Participants also complete homework in the evenings.

Course fees:

• $495 /registration (before February 14, 2019)
• $545/registration (after February 14, 2019)
• $275 Alumni rate (previously completed the online training and/or live counselor training)
• $50 cancellation fee

Lodging  & Meal fees:

This training will be hosted at beautiful Warm Beach Camp on Port Susan Bay in Stanwood, WA. For those who desire lodging and meals, there are several options. Prices below include 3 nights of lodging (M-W) and 10 meals:

• $537 single room
• $423 shared room of 2-3, Olympic View Lodge
• $366 shared room of 2-3, Mt. Baker Cabins
• $334 shared room of 2-3, Cascadian Lodge

• $185 commuter - day use fee and 10 meals
• $50 early arrival on Sunday evening

Download a .pdf of the full training brochure HERE.

Register and pay for the course by clicking HERE.

Hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events

Genesis Process

One of our core values at New Earth Recovery is building bridges between divergent worlds. We seek to connect those from marginalized contexts with those in the mainstream churches by promoting dialogue, consulting with pastors and congregations about how to make churches safe for those struggling with addiction, and equipping congregations to walk alongside those in recovery.

Alan and Amy Muia, New Earth Recovery Directors and Genesis Associates, offer addiction and recovery seminars to inform; build bridges; promote healing; raise awareness about how addiction works and its impact on individuals, families, and communities; and reawaken hope. Ask us how your church or agency can host one of our seminars!

The Genesis of Change: Recovery for Everyone

Recovery for Everyone is a weekend overview of how addiction works, the core Genesis tools, how to walk alongside those who are struggling, and pathways to get free.

The course runs Friday and Saturday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm.

   $99 per person (early registration--up to two weeks prior to the course)

   $125 per person (late registration--fewer than two weeks prior to the course)

We welcome staff from organizations using Genesis (agencies, churches, rescue missions); family members or friends who are accompanying those struggling with addiction (and need a deeper understanding and practical tools to help, but not enable); participants or leaders in Change Groups who want a deeper look at the Genesis concepts and tools; and those who are struggling with harmful coping behaviors themselves (food, sex, technology, spending/acquiring, substances, anxiety, workaholism, isolation, self-sabotage, etc.) and need a safe, confidential, and loving start to getting free.

Topics include:

  • the essential Genesis tools, and what makes the Genesis Process effective 
  • the mystery of why humans do the things we don't want to do (Romans 7:15)
  • how addiction works in the brain, and practical pathways to healing
  • trust, fear, and double binds
  • false beliefs and how these lead to self-destructive coping behaviors
  • best practices for those accompanying people who are struggling (how to help without enabling)
  • relapse prevention: triggers, isolation, and building a solid foundation
  • partner practice: the power of good questions
  • time for Q & A

Genesis Change Group Training

Genesis Change Groups are safe and confidential places where people come together to learn how to change "stuck" behaviors in their lives. Group members work through the workbook process together to explore the roots of behavior, gain support and accountability, and move towards recovery and healing. Change Groups are shame-free—an excellent venue for emotional healing, as participants explore destructive coping mechanisms like workaholism, food, shopping/acquiring, substances/alcohol, pornography, co-dependent rescuing, anxiety, technology addiction, self-sabotage, isolation, and other difficult-to-break patterns.

Genesis Groups are small—usually 4 or 5 people completing the process together—and are gender specific. Groups typically meet weekly, with the time and place established by the group members. The process is usually completed within 6-9 months.

The Change Group Training is a day seminar, specifically designed for those wanting to lead a Change Group or get multiple groups started within a church or ministry. As this is a one-day course, it is normally taught locally (in Western WA), but may be combined with other courses.

The course typically runs on Saturday, from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
   $50 per person, with a 20-person minimum attendance

Topics include:

  • Review of the core Genesis tools: Double Binds, FASTER scale, False Beliefs
  • How do I get groups started in my ministry?
  • How do I create a shame-free environment where hurting people feel safe?
  • How do I structure the group time?
  • How do I handle content vs. group discussion?
  • What’s the purpose and goal of the group?
  • How do I deal with difficult personalities within the group?
  • Role plays and Hands-on practice

Alan and Amy

Genesis Associates Alan and Amy Muia worked for many years as chaplains in the county jail with struggling and addicted individuals. For the past seven years, they have served as the founders and directors of New Earth Recovery, a residential recovery program in Mount Vernon, WA, where they oversee three recovery homes utilizing Genesis tools. Holding advanced degrees in education and pastoral licensing through the Covenant Church, they enjoy teaching the Genesis principles in congregations, agencies, and community groups, and they feel passionate about helping others move toward freedom from shame, isolation, and addictions of all kinds.

At New Earth Recovery, we offer and promote The Genesis Process, a faith-based relapse prevention process for finding healing from the root wounds and traumas that have contributed to addictive and destructive patterns. At the heart of Genesis is the question, "Why do I do the very thing I don't want to do?"

Our residents say that they've never seen anything quite like Genesis--a group and individual journey that sheds light on our "stuck" patterns, helps us move toward our fears, connects us with God, and offers lasting change. We offer Genesis in our recovery homes, and help promote Genesis in churches.

To visit the Genesis website, click here.