We believe that deep emotional healing is needed to live a life of recovery. While those early in recovery often want to quickly jump back into "regular life," we've discovered that sobriety doesn't last unless the original issues that caused addictive patterns are dealt with. Through the Genesis process, a new way of doing community, solid recovery principles, and inner healing prayer, our residents find peace from the long-held traumas and grief of the past, freeing them to step into their destiny in God.

While many of our residents come to us fearful and mistrusting, our committed staff, our loving and safe environment, and our emphasis on healing provides the kind of environment that fosters change. Our residents have been reunited with children, gotten free from court involvement, returned to school, found sustainable employment, completed the 12 steps, and mended broken relationships with family.

New Earth Recovery cooperates with local agencies and programs such as Phoenix Recovery, Drug Court and Mental Health Court, Sunrise Mental Health, and the Skagit County Crisis Center. We encourage a 9-12 month stay, serving individuals without custody of children. We operate on a sliding scale, typically $150-400 per month.

For application information for either of our recovery homes, please call 360-848-9281.

The Genesis Process

​At New Earth Recovery, we offer and promote The Genesis Process, a faith-based relapse prevention process for finding healing from the root wounds and traumas that have contributed to addictive and destructive patterns. At the heart of Genesis is the question, "Why do I do the very thing I don't want to do?"

Our residents say that they've never seen anything quite like Genesis--a group and individual journey that sheds light on our "stuck" patterns, helps us move toward our fears, connects us with God, and offers lasting change. We offer Genesis in our recovery homes, and help promote Genesis in churches.

Our Staff

Randall Simmons

Co-Director, The Trust & Cedar House

Sara Wevodau

Co-Director, Faith House

Faith House

Faith House is our home for women who want to live in recovery and find healing from the wounds that have contributed to cycles of addiction. Women heal emotionally, learn to trust again, remember long-forgotten dreams,  re-establish relationships with family, grow in faith, and share their experience, strength, and hope.

New Earth Recovery operates three recovery homes in the Skagit Valley, about an hour north of Seattle. We're committed to seeing the outcast welcomed home, the suffering find relief, the hurting encounter healing, and the lost and lonely find a loving God.

Kendra Lehmann

Co-Director, Faith House

Cedar House

Cedar House is a place for men who have some recovery time behind them. With continued support and accountability, Cedar House residents focus on broader recovery activities including work, school, and community involvement.

The Trust

The Trust is a community of men in early recovery, going deeper into healing from substance addiction. Men at The Trust build lasting recovery; break through societal, financial and emotional barriers; and develop deeper relationships with God. 

Alan and Amy Muia

Executive Directors, New Earth Recovery

Our Recovery Homes