Alan and Amy Muia, Directors of New Earth Recovery, are pastors with the Covenant Church, certified Genesis counselors, and serve as chaplains at the Skagit County Jail. They feel passionate about helping others--both inside the church and out--live a life of freedom and recovery.

Genesis Process 40-hour Training

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THE GENESIS PROCESS is an integration of Biblical principles, proven relapse prevention techniques, cognitive therapy, and neurochemistry. The process can either be done one-on-one with a trained counselor, or in a small group process. Genesis is ideal for any addictive and destructive behavior: substances, food, sex, technology, co-dependency, relationship addiction, anxiety . . .​​

The Genesis course offered through New Earth Recovery is a video course with Genesis author Michael Dye, facilitated by Alan and Amy Muia, Co-Directors of New Earth Recovery. This full Genesis training is designed for those who are interested in leading Genesis Change Groups in churches, or those who desire to do Genesis counseling one-on-one with clients. The Genesis training typically runs either on a series of weekends, or an intensive single week.

The course includes video content, question and answer, and lots of in-class opportunities to practice the Genesis tools with partners.

Cost:  $375.00/person

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Like our parent ministry Tierra Nueva, one of our core values at New Earth Recovery is building bridges between divergent worlds. We seek to connect those on the streets with those in the mainstream churches by promoting dialogue, consulting with pastors and congregations about how to make churches safe for those struggling with addiction, and equipping congregations to walk alongside those in recovery.

Alan and Amy Muia, New Earth Recovery Directors, offer addiction and recovery seminars to inform; build bridges; promote healing; raise awareness about how addiction works and its impact on individuals, families, and communities; and reawaken hope.

At New Earth Recovery, we offer and promote The Genesis Process, a faith-based relapse prevention process for finding healing from the root wounds and traumas that have contributed to addictive and destructive patterns. At the heart of Genesis is the question, "Why do I do the very thing I don't want to do?"

Our residents say that they've never seen anything quite like Genesis--a group and individual journey that sheds light on our "stuck" patterns, helps us move toward our fears, connects us with God, and offers lasting change. We offer Genesis in our recovery homes, and help promote Genesis in churches.

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Genesis Process


Do you feel stuck in unhealthy behaviors you find difficult to give up? Or love someone who's stuck?

In this seminar, together we explore the roots of destructive patterns that keep others—and ourselves—trapped in cycles of bondage: workaholism, food, anxiety, codependency, sex, shopping, alcohol, porn, substances, and other self-comforts.

We'll tackle questions like: How do our compulsions work in the brain? Why is it so hard to get free, despite our promises and resolve? How do false beliefs contribute to our stuck behaviors? How do destructive patterns get started? What's the role of trusting relationships in healing? How can we get free? And how can we best help those who are struggling?

The seminar cost of $30 includes lunch. For more information about upcoming seminars or to host a seminar, email us at, send us a message on our contact page, or call 360-848-9281.

Come for yourself, or to learn how to better accompany the ones you love.

Alan and Amy

Recovery for Everyone - Day Seminar

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